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Are you interested in reading a romantic love story in your language? We’re publishing today a true romantic love story of Nagendra and Sudipta, a tale that will touch your heart and may inspire your own love life. Read this story in your language by changing the language setting from the top right corner of this page.

It’s the romantic love story of a 26-year-old young woman and a 28-year-old catering guy.

Romantic Love Story of Nagendra and Sudipta

Hey friends, I’m a new member on this “My Love Story” platform. I’ve been really fascinated reading many great stories, so I’m sharing my own romantic love story with you all. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. My name is Nagendra, and I work as a catering employee. This catering job marked my first experience of love.

A romantic couple, Nagendra and Sudipta, embracing lovingly, symbolizing their romantic love story.
Romantic Love Story of Nagendra and Sudipta

First meeting with my girlfriend: Love at First Sight

I was 28 years old at the time when one day I went to a wedding venue for catering, and it was there that my first love story began. While catering at this wedding venue, I noticed a beautiful young woman among the guests, and instantly, I felt a strong connection with her. Later, I shared about this girl with my catering team buddies, and they assured me of their support at that moment.

Seeing that girl at the wedding venue, I wondered if she could be someone close to the family hosting the event.

I started liking her from the very beginning, and during dinner time, I let my friends know that I would serve the girl more food. From sitting at the dinner table to getting up, a total of seven to eight times, I served her food, and whenever I went to serve food, I tried to strike up a conversation with her. I tried to follow her cues two or three times, and the last time when I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me, she blushed.

From the time I got up from the dinner table till I left the place, I kept noticing her fixedly in one place. She noticed me later, but at that moment, I couldn’t muster the courage to say anything openly to her.

The next day, when the guy who was getting married to the girl we catered for also asked our team to cater at his house, I thought I would get to see the girl again. And indeed, the next day I saw the girl again at her house, and just like the day before, I started following her from the beginning, but even though I tried to tell her, I couldn’t, because she wasn’t alone, her family members were there, which made it difficult for me to speak up, but she had already figured it out.

The Beginning of Our Journey

Not being able to speak to her kept me up all night. So, the next day, I went to her house under the pretext of collecting the payment for the catering, where her wedding took place. While her family members were present, I followed her just like the first day. After a while, she herself came to see me and asked me why I was following her. At that moment, I let her know that I like her.

The girl’s name is Sudipta. Then she gave me her phone number, and we started chatting. Initially, our conversations were normal, but then one day she asked me to meet her. She asked me to meet her at a location slightly away from her house, and I made an excuse to be at that location one day. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and I was trying to find out if she was aware of my presence, and gradually, through our interactions, she fell in love with me.

First love proposal

After openly expressing our love for each other for quite a few days, one day I proposed to her. I wore a blue suit with a rose in my hand and proposed to her on one knee. That’s how I proposed to her, and she accepted my proposal from the bottom of her heart. Then we celebrated our love proposal by cutting a cake. Her beauty had increased even more on the day of the proposal, and her inner beauty had also increased, which attracted me a lot.

Marriage and success in my romantic love story

When she told her family about me and expressed her desire to marry me, her family immediately opposed it, but I was busy with my catering job. Then her family started looking for a groom for her elsewhere. As time passed, when my business started to flourish, everyone noticed. Eventually, her family accepted mine, agreed to the marriage, and one day we tied the knot. And thus, my love story was successful till the end. Despite initial objections from her father, I succeeded in love. I hope my story serves as inspiration for those who are currently in love. Thank you so much for reading my love story.

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