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Life is a remarkable feeling of love. Friends, today we will share a new School Love Story of Shreya and Anant, the endless tale of Shreya’s love. It’s a school love story. How Shreya fell in love with her beloved Anant and how their love became successful, and how they proposed to each other. A small love story revolving around all these subjects.

Romantic School Love Story of Shreya and Anant

Anant started from a small primary school and then enrolled in a new school. He joined Class Eight there, and in that class, there was already a girl studying named Shreya. Anant tried to make friends with everyone when he was new to that class. He had many friends in his previous school. Anant was eager to make friends with girls from the very beginning, and so he wanted to be friends with the girls in his new class. While some girls became his friends, Shreya, however, didn’t pay much attention to him at first. Still, Anant kept trying to befriend Shreya.

School Love Story of Shreya and Anant
School Love Story of Shreya and Anant

How Shreya and Anant’s friendship began

Anant was a bright student in his previous school. A few months later, the final exams of the class took place, and Anant topped the class. In the next class, Shreya became friends with Anant because Anant was a brilliant student, and Shreya needed help from him. Anant was also encouraged to befriend her. Anant always tried to establish a relationship of love with Shreya. And eventually, Anant proposed to Shreya himself. Shreya was surprised by the love proposal and stopped talking to Anant. She didn’t come to school for quite a few days.

To settle the matter, Shreya’s father reported to the school. Then Anant was given the last notice from the school that if such an incident happens again, he will be expelled from the school. At that moment, Anant stopped talking to Shreya. Two years passed in this manner, and neither Anant nor Shreya talked to each other in school. Then they passed the high school. Anant topped the school as before and passed with good results. Then Anant decided to study in a good college.

How Shreya fell in love with Anant

Over time, Anant’s attraction towards other girls had somewhat diminished. Shreya still hadn’t spoken to Anant until then. So, on the day Anant bid farewell to everyone in school, he didn’t say a word to Shreya. When everyone was saying goodbye because they wouldn’t see each other at school anymore, Shreya herself went to Anant and apologized for her past behavior. Though Anant was a little angry at first, he forgot all previous grievances and they rebuilt their friendship. Then Shreya told Anant that she kind of liked him and asked if he loved her. Anant said it was his first wish, so he wanted to love Shreya.

Then Anant went to study at another college, and Shreya studied in a different college. They talked on the phone, met occasionally, and one day Shreya confessed her love to Anant, who accepted her love proposal. The day Anant received the love proposal from Shreya, he wanted to spend time with her and spent the whole day with her.

First Dating

Then one day they went on their first date. They went to a coffee shop first, where they looked into each other’s eyes and expressed their love. Then they held hands and shared their feelings to make their love more romantic. Later, they went to a hotel to spend private time together. This way, their love story became even more romantic. Someone had noticed the situation ambiguously, and later Shreya told her family about it.

How Shreya and Anant Succeeded in Their Love

Then Shreya’s family stopped her studies and took her away from home to the city. But where true love exists, no force can keep them apart. Communication between Anant and Shreya had completely ceased. Anant didn’t even know Shreya’s address.

After many days, Anant went to the city for a job, and he stayed there for quite some time. One day while roaming around different parts of the city, Anant spotted Shreya, who was out with her friends. He approached Shreya, and she was surprised. Seeing Anant again filled Shreya with all her hopes, and she shared her love story with her friend Seeta, who encouraged her to love Anant again.

After a few days, they moved away from there to an unknown city and got married there. This is how Shreya and Anant’s love journey concluded. Shreya’s family was the main obstacle in their love, but no obstacle could keep them apart forever. I hope you enjoyed this Successful school love story.

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