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In this article, we publish the true school love story of Aditi and Sumon, which begins in higher secondary school life and ends with a successful marriage.

Eternal Love: Sumon and Aditi’s True School Love Story

Every person’s life has a significant chapter called school life. Many memories of this school life become memorable and remain in our minds for the rest of our lives, so we often want to go back to school life. Today, let’s start listening to a new and very romantic school love story in this love story.

This school love story is about a girl named Aditi, which began in her school life. When they were studying in higher secondary. Before I continue, let me tell you, My Love Story platform always publishes romantic stories of people’s lives. If you want to share the story of your real love story with us, you can share your story on our mail id or you can also share your story with us through the contact us form on our website.

Sumon and Aditi's True School Love Story
Sumon and Aditi’s True School Love Story

Beginning of Aditi’s school love

Let’s hear the complete story of their love from their perspective. The story began in Class Eleven when Aditi appeared for her high school exams and got admitted to another school in the same year. It was in that school that she fell in love with a former student. The school was completely new to Aditi, and she didn’t have any friends there initially. Slowly, she started making friends, and due to tutoring together with some students from that school, she became very good friends with them. Over time, Aditi developed a good friendship with a boy named Sumon among those friends. They all attended coaching classes together and studied at school.

Friendship with Sumon

Gradually, the bond between Sumon and Aditi grew deeper, and it eventually entered their personal lives. Just as Aditi shared everything with Sumon, Sumon also shared everything with Aditi. In this way, their friendship deepened, becoming best friends.

Fall in love with Sumon and love Proposal

Aditi and Sumon never thought they could develop a romantic relationship with each other. At some point, both of them felt drawn to each other and a personal relationship blossomed between them. They experienced this and shared it with each other. They liked each other romantically. Then Aditi asked Sumon if he would love her. Sumon replied, “Yes, I really like you.” So, they decided on a day to propose to each other. Aditi expressed her love to Sumon at a place where all the boys propose to girls. Sumon was a bit shy, so Aditi took the initiative herself. It was a romantic day.

After that, they started spending normal days in their love life, and one day they decided to go to the park to express their love. Later, the matter became known to Sumon’s family. There was a lot of discussion about it. Then Sumon requested his family to accept this and proposed to Aditi for marriage. Aditi also talked to her family about Sumon. However, Aditi’s family did not accept the matter in any way and rejected Sumon completely.

Marriage with Sumon

However, despite obstacles in their love, they continued to love each other. Since they were each other’s ex-girlfriend and boyfriend, one day Aditi became pregnant. When Aditi’s family found out about it, they decided to marry Sumon themselves so that the matter wouldn’t spread elsewhere. Therefore, they arranged Aditi’s marriage with Sumon in March 2018. On their wedding day, their love found success, and they began to spend their days happily together. In February 2019, they welcomed a baby, bringing new joy into Aditi and Sumon’s lives and completing their love story.

This was Aditi’s complete true school love story, which they shared via email. If you have any stories like theirs, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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