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Do you want to read a college love story? Today we’re posting a romantic and unique college love story that started in the second year. Read more.

Romantic College Love Story of Subhajit and Jamini culminating in a successful marriage.

Hey friends, my name is Subhajit. I hail from the Telangana district of India. Today, I’m going to share the love story of my life with you through my love story platform. I stumbled upon this platform via social media, read some intriguing tales, and now, I want to share mine. Let’s dive in.

I moved to Hyderabad from Telangana with the goal of pursuing my college education at my uncle’s house, aiming for engineering studies. While I had a few friends in school, I never experienced romantic feelings for anyone. Even in college, initially, there were no significant connections or emotions, and I didn’t have many expectations. It wasn’t until my second year that I started to form friendships, and it took a few days after that for the first-year batch to begin.

Subhajit and Jamini's Romantic College Love Story
Subhajit and Jamini’s Romantic College Love Story

First Meeting With My Partner

One day, there was a joint competition between the first and second-year students. It was a tech project where both first and second-year students were involved in the training. On the first day of training, when the first-year students were taken by surprise, as it was entirely new to them, some of them were already in a panic. Since we had already undergone this training once, I was quite familiar with it, although I learned a lot more this time around.

When I began working on the project, some first-year students came to me for help. I helped several juniors, and there was this one girl who seemed particularly worried about her project. When she noticed that I was helping everyone, she also asked for my assistance. Naturally, I helped her out. Later, when my project was successful, everyone thanked me, and that girl became friends with me. I had a lot to learn from her, so she took my phone number from me.

Friendship With My Partner

Then, at some point, it seemed like we developed a deep friendship between us. Her name was Jamini. Even though I was a senior to Jamini, I couldn’t tell when it felt like we were in the same class, sharing the same experiences. The senior-junior divide blurred within a few days, and our friendship grew even deeper. But at no point did we realize that we were stepping into a romantic relationship from that friendship.

Love Proposal to My Partner

After a long time, observing both of our behavior and personal interactions, we both felt that there wasn’t any kind of relationship beyond friendship between us. I experienced this feeling six months before my final year, and she was in her second year. As time passed, we realized that we had entered into a relationship, and when we felt that we had stepped into a relationship, we decided to propose to each other on Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s Day approached, we dressed up and went to a beautiful romantic spot to propose. I wore a white dress, and she wore a beautiful black dress, which made her even more romantic and attractive.

My proposal style was a bit different. First, I blindfolded her and then played a little prank by pretending to give her a beautiful rose, saying a beautiful line of love, and then proposing. As a gift, I gave her a collection of snapshots capturing various moments from our first to last day together, which she accepted with deep affection, sealing it with a deep kiss full of romance. This way, our love soared high into the sky until the end.

Long Distance Relationship With My Partner

Then, after completing college, I embarked on a journey from Hyderabad to Delhi to pursue a higher degree. The thought of maintaining a long-distance relationship didn’t sadden me because I had faith in her. Later, I went to Delhi for my Master’s degree. That was in 2011. In 2014, after completing my degree, I returned home. During all those days, we occasionally met. She also visited Delhi many times, and I went to her city as well. Besides, we exchanged numerous text messages and calls over the phone.

Successful Marriage With My Partner

Then, I started working in a multinational company in the city of Hyderabad and began residing there. Meanwhile, Jamini had graduated and started working in a company as well. Eventually, in 2015, we both realized that it was time to step into married life after eight years of romantic love. So, after eight years of romantic love, in 2015, we tied the knot in holy matrimony with the blessings of both families in December of that year.

This was our short and romantic love story. Even after three years of a long-distance relationship, the success of our relationship meant a lot to me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my love story, and if you did, please don’t forget to like, comment, and share it. Thank you, friends.

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