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Do you want to read a short, true, sad love story? In this blog, we share the sad love story of Mritunjay ❤️ Sucharita, whose love story begins in school and ends in college, with heartbreak caused by Sucharita.

Mritunjay and Sucharita’s Journey from School Romance to a Heartbreaking Sad Love Story in College

Friends, my name is Mrityunjay. Today I am going to share with you all my sad love story. It all began during my school days when thoughts of love started budding within me. That year, during my 2019 high school days, I started becoming aware of love, especially when I moved up to class 11.

Before that, I wasn’t much aware of the concept of love, but many of my friends were already experiencing it. When I moved up to class 11 and enrolled in a new school, my journey of first love began.

Image depicting Mritunjay and Sucharita's True Sad Love Story
Mritunjay and Sucharita’s True Sad Love Story

First Meeting with My Partner

On the first day at my new school, I made many new friends, and among them were some boys and girls whom I grew quite close to. Among them was a girl named Sucharita. She had also newly joined our school from another institution. We used to attend tuition classes together, which deepened our friendship over time. Slowly, Sucharita became my best friend, and we started helping each other with everything. Gradually, without either of us realizing it, feelings of love started to develop between us.

As time passed, everything about Sucharita began to appeal to me, and it seemed she felt the same about me. We built a strong bond beyond academics and found ourselves committed to each other. Eventually, our friendship transformed into love, and we decided to express our feelings.

Propose and Date with Sucharita

We chose a day to propose to each other and go on our first date. For the proposal, we went to a park away from home, where I expressed my love to her, and she reciprocated. We both accepted each other’s proposal of love. We spent a romantic time in the park, sharing our feelings and sealing our love with a deep kiss.

How did my love story turn into a sad love story?

After our first date, our love life deepened further. However, after a couple of years when we entered college, our relationship started to fade away. Sucharita seemed distant, and I noticed she wasn’t as affectionate as before. Later, I found out that she had started liking another guy. Though she didn’t directly tell me, her actions spoke volumes, and some friends helped me realize the truth.

Even after our breakup, I maintained my composure and didn’t let it affect me negatively. I believed that life must go on, and I must remain strong. I learned that trusting someone too much in the beginning might not always be wise. It’s essential to take time to understand a person’s desires and flaws before fully committing to them.

My advice for lovers

Love isn’t just about enjoying each other’s company; it’s about mutual understanding, respect, and trust. If someone genuinely loves you, they should understand you deeply. I hope my story resonates with many of you. I request the “My Love Story” platform to publish my story so that it may help others in their love lives. Thank you all for reading my entire story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mritunjay’s sad love story real?

Yes, Mritunjay shares his own sad love story.

Where does Mritunjay’s love story begin?

Mritunjay’s love story starts in school during class 11.