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Are you excited to read True Sad Love Story? In this Blog Story, we publish a new true sad Love story of Rajdeep ❤️ Keya.

The True Sad Love Story of Rajdeep and Keya

In human life, love can spark at any moment, often ignited by the first glance exchanged between two souls. This is how my true sad love story begins, with a fleeting moment of connection evolving into something profound. Today, I’ll recount the tale of my love at first sight, which ultimately unfolds into a true sad love story.

First meeting with my life partner in a shopping mall

My name is Rajdeep, and I’m a resident of the city of Mumbai in India, where my love story began and ended. It all started at a shopping mall. One day, I went shopping with friends for a dress to wear to a party. The mall was crowded with people bustling around. Among the many beautiful girls there, one caught my eye.

She was wearing a top and jeans, with long, flowing hair and a beautiful face adorned with a lovely smile that made her look incredibly cute. Especially her facial expressions and slightly raised eyebrows captivated me, and my heart was instantly drawn to her. At that moment, her eyes met mine, and as I gazed at her, she flashed me a shy smile. This only fueled my enthusiasm further.

After that, I stopped shopping and started following the girl from behind, trying to catch up with her. Even as we left the shopping mall, I continued to follow her. At that time, I was only 23 years old, which means it was around 2017.

As we walked behind her, we reached her home address, and although I noticed this, I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Later, I tried searching for her on the internet. I attempted to find her profile on Facebook, recalling her name from when one of her friends mentioned it at the mall.

Friendship on Facebook and conversations began

After searching on the internet for a while, I managed to find her Facebook profile and sent her a friend request. After a few days, she accepted my friend request, and gradually, we started chatting, with me initiating most of the conversations.

Gradually, through her old posts on her profile, I learned about her likes and dislikes, and I tried to engage her in conversations that matched her interests. As time passed, our conversations increased, and we eventually became good friends.

First Love Proposal

One day, I decided to meet her. We decided to meet at a park, and that’s where we met. The more I saw her during our second meeting, the more enamored I became, and I felt extremely excited to fall in love with her. In this way, we spent many days together, building a friendship that eventually blossomed into love. Then, one day, I mustered up the courage to confess my feelings to her through chat, and she easily accepted my love proposal.

My first date with my partner

Then, on July 16th, we decided to have our first date, and we got ready for our special day. On the day of our date, I wore a black dress, and she wore a matching one. We looked like an incredibly romantic couple. Our date began at a beautiful location, and during our time together, I proposed to her with a rose and a ring. We sat in a coffee shop, gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and expressing our love. Though I attempted to kiss her, I couldn’t muster the courage due to nervousness on our first date.

The reason for the lack of success in my true sad love story

Afterwards, like normal lovers, we celebrated all the special days such as Valentine’s Day, Promise Day, and Propose Day. In this way, we spent roughly two years in love, around the middle of 2020. Suddenly, one day, my girlfriend contracted COVID-19 and, a few days later, she passed away due to the virus. That day, all our dreams shattered, stolen by the cruel grip of COVID-19. Due to this stroke of bad luck, our love story, which had started so beautifully, tragically came to an end. This was a beautiful romantic love story in my life. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please don’t forget to like, comment, and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sad love story?

A sad love story is a narrative of love that evokes deep emotions of sorrow, heartbreak, and longing, often due to the tragic circumstances or unfulfilled desires of the lovers involved.

Is this true sad love story real?

Yes, this true sad love story is real, and it is narrated by Rajdeep.