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Are you interested in reading a sad or heartbreaking love story? In this blog, we publish a new true Heartbreaking Love Story of Pradeep and Susmita, which begins on social media and ultimately ends unsuccessfully.

The Tragic Tale of Pradeep and Susmita’s Heartbreaking Love Story

Today, I’m here to share a new heartbreaking love story with you. It’s a tale of love between a girl from a wealthy family in a big city and a boy from a small town who, after falling in love with her, betrayed her trust. Through this story, you’ll easily understand how a girl from a wealthy family used a boy from a poor family for her own selfish reasons.

A True Heartbreaking Love Story of Pradeep and Susmita
A True Heartbreaking Love Story of Pradeep and Susmita

First Encounter with Partner on Facebook

The boy’s name is Pradeep, hailing from the district of Uttarakhand in India. He had formed a friendship with a girl from Mumbai. This friendship started on social media, and as they continued to communicate online, their bond deepened. Gradually, the girl shifted from being just a normal friend to using Pradeep, a boy from a small town, to fulfill her desires.

From the beginning, she tried to deepen their friendship even more. She would casually talk to him about various deceitful things through personal messages, attempting to manipulate him emotionally. All of this was just an attempt by the girl, Susmita, to use Pradeep. One day, she expressed her desire to Pradeep that she wanted to see the beauty of his city and wished to visit. By then, she had already captivated him with her sweet words and gestures on social media, making Pradeep believe that she was in love with him. It was a delusional love.

Then one day, Susmita visited Pradeep’s city in Uttarakhand to explore its beauty. Pradeep provided her shelter at his home and supported her like a friend, helping her navigate through the small town of Uttarakhand. He showed her all the scenic views and took her to beautiful places across North Bengal.

Later, he accompanied her to a boat villa event. The event was held in the middle of an island, and he took her along to join the event. There, she enjoyed all the pleasures with the locals as if she belonged there.

Pradeep Proposes to Susmita

After the trip ended and they returned home, a day before her departure, Pradeep proposed his love to Susmita. She immediately ignored him and locked herself in her room, packing her luggage to leave. Pradeep thought she might be feeling embarrassed about his love proposal and was shutting herself in, but it wasn’t so. She was packing her bags to leave from there.

Susmita Rejects Love Proposal

Later, she packed her luggage after a few moments and confronted Pradeep, telling him that she had never loved him and that she was only slightly attracted to him for visiting her city. Pradeep was shattered at that moment. Because on the day Susmita had come to his house, he had interacted with the people in his house, envisioning her as a potential partner for his future. Pradeep had even asked his mother if she liked the girl, and Pradeep’s mother had seen the girl as a prospective daughter-in-law. Susmita shattered all of Pradeep’s hopes and abruptly left his life.

Pradeep Reunites with Susmita After a Few Years: The Incident

Several years passed, and one day the same girl visited Pradeep’s city with her new boyfriend. Then, while boarding the boat villa to explore the beauty amidst the island, she remembered how many years ago she had used that ferry to explore the beauty of his city for her own selfish reasons.

Afterwards, the ferry took her and her boyfriend around all the places. The girl felt very embarrassed, and the ferryman observed her selfishness. This time, the ferryman sang a beautiful song that deeply affected the girl. Feeling ashamed, without exploring the beauty of the entire city, she immediately left with her boyfriend. During their departure, Pradeep followed the girl, hoping for some outcome, but to no avail. The girl didn’t even turn back once.

This was Pradeep’s heartbreaking love story. Despite genuinely loving the girl, she had used him to fulfill her desires. Pradeep didn’t realize it at first. Those who fall in love superficially on social media often fall for their partner without knowing the details of their personal life. This is never advisable. Spending time with them first is necessary, followed by expressing love for them.

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