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Do you want to know the Valentine’s Week 2024 days list? We publish in this article all the Valentine Week days and how to properly celebrate this 2024 Valentine’s Week. So, read this list of 7 days for Valentine Week and create your schedule for Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Week Days list for 2024

Rose Day7 th, February
Propose Day8 th, February
Chocolate Day9 th, February
Teddy Day10 th, February
Promise Day11 th, February
Hug Day12 th, February
Kiss Day13 th, February
Valentine Day14 th, February
Valentine Week Days List 2024

How can one celebrate Valentine Week days in 2024?

In today’s article, we will discuss the Valentine’s Day, which is at least an important topic for love life. Every year, as soon as February enters, the fragrance of love fills the hearts of lovers. While Valentine’s Day is officially celebrated on February 14th every year, the celebration begins a week earlier, on February 7th. Those who are in love or trust each other celebrate their love very well during this week. However, I want to clarify that the days leading up to Valentine’s Day have different names and together they are referred to as Valentine’s Week.

Valentine Week
Valentine Week

Valentine’s Week is celebrated worldwide from February 7th to 14th for all lovers. Each day of this week has its own significance. While Valentine’s Day is well-known from the calendar, you can find out which day is observed on which date. Nevertheless, I will tell you at least about Valentine’s Day, meaning, I will tell you about the Valentine’s Day back calendar, when each day is observed. It will make it very easy for you to be prepared for proposing on any day.

So, let us guide you on how to fully enjoy this entire Valentine Week so that you can celebrate love confidently. Learn what to give to your partner on February 14th and how to prepare for the remaining days. Read the entire article to get all this information.

Valentine’s Day starts on February 7th and lasts for eight days. It begins with Rose Day on February 7th and culminates on February 14th. Valentine’s Day lasts until the end of the day and starts from the first day.

How to create a Special Valentine Week from 7th February to 14th February 2024?

Rose Day: The first day of Valentine Week starts with Rose Day and it commences every year from February 7th. Rose Day signifies the day when we gift roses to our partners. The rose flower is considered a symbol of love, so couples prefer expressing their love with roses. If you want to express your feelings to your partner, you can gift them a Red Rose on this day so that they can understand the depth of your love. It’s a day to reminisce how much you love them and what you want to do for them on this love-filled day. However, be sure to give a Red Rose, as different colored roses carry different meanings.

Propose Day: The second day of Valentine’s Week is Propose Day, and it is celebrated every year on the 8th of February. This is the most significant and romantic day of Valentine Week. On this day, people express their love to their partners. It is an opportunity for you to propose to your partner, meaning you can propose your love to your partner in the month of February. This day is very important for lovers who deeply love their partners. If you have a lot of love for each other and if you want to express that love to your partner, then February 8th is the day for proposing.


Instead of saying “I love you,” you can say something special to make your partner feel very happy, and they will accept your proposal, and they also love you.

In place of “I love you,” you can –

Chocolate Day: The third day of Valentine’s Week is Chocolate Day. Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 9th of February every year. This day, within the Valentine Week, holds special significance for enhancing the sweetness in relationships. On this day, you can gift your partner chocolates to add sweetness to your relationship. If you want to create more sweetness in your relationship and make it even more special, you can gift chocolates to your partner on this day.

Friends, this day is special on Valentine’s Week because we give our partners a chocolate gift on this day. We are giving something that brings sweetness to their hearts, and they also want to love you just like that. This way, you can increase the love in your relationship.

Teddy Day: The fourth day of Valentine’s Week is Teddy Day. It is celebrated on the 10th of February every year, marking the fourth day of Valentine Week. Teddy Day is observed by giving our loved ones teddy bears as gifts. Teddy bears, especially the ones in red, are most beloved and popular among girls. On this day, you must give your partner a teddy bear, and it will always remind them of you. So, if you want your partner to remember you all the time, you can give them a teddy bear on this day. If you want your partner to always cherish you, then giving a teddy bear on this day will be very special for them.

A boy and a girl holding hands, symbolizing a promise in their relationship

Promise Day: The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is Promise Day. It is celebrated on the 11th of February every year, dedicated to making promises. On this day, couples promise each other that they will stay by each other’s side at every moment of life, supporting and caring for each other. Friends, if you want to be with your partner at every turn of their heart, always support them, and never let them feel alone, then on this Promise Day, make promises to assure them that you love them deeply and want to be with them forever.

This day can be a special day for your partner because it will remind them that you promised not to leave them. If you want a serious relationship, this day gives you the opportunity to express your commitment. On Promise Day, you can say something like:

Hug Day: The sixth day of Valentine Week is Hug Day, celebrated on the 12th of February. When lovers embrace each other, words are not needed to express love. On this day, when you hug your partner and make them feel your love, your partner will also feel how much you love them and want to be with them forever. If you want your partner to feel your love without saying a word, then on this Hug Day, you can embrace them tightly.

Friends, if you want your partner to always remember that you love them very much and that your partner also loves you very much, then on this day, you can hug your partner tightly and make them feel the warmth of your love. Hugging can strengthen your relationship, so on this day, you can embrace your partner strongly.

Couple Hug
Couple Hug

Kiss Day: The seventh day of Valentine Week is Kiss Day, celebrated on the 13th of February. It is the seventh day of the Valentine week, dedicated to expressing love through kisses. On this day, couples kiss each other to strengthen the bonds of their love. Kiss Day is an opportunity for couples to make their relationship stronger through the intimacy of a kiss.

If you kiss your partner on this day, your relationship will become even stronger, and your partner will remember that you kissed them on this day, realizing how much you love them. If you love your partner very much, then on this day, you can kiss your partner to express your deep affection.

Valentine’s Day: The eighth day of Valentine Week is Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on the 14th of February, marking the end of Valentine Week. Friends, on this Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel loved in a special way. Let them know what importance they hold in your life. You can tell them about your life and the significance of your relationship.

Use this day to revisit your love story and celebrate your journey together. If you wish to propose to your partner, Valentine Day is the perfect occasion. It is a special day for lovers and holds great significance in Valentine Week. So, on this day, you can do anything special for your partner, expressing your love in a unique way.

During this eight-day Valentine Week, you can make a lot of preparations for your partner and give them gifts on this Valentine’s Day. You can propose to them, talk about many things with them, express yourself and share details about your relationship, learn a lot about their life, and engage in conversations with each other. This way, you can strengthen the bonds of your love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which day is today in valentine week?

7th February Rose Day, 8th February Propose Day, 9th February Chocolate Day, 10th February Teddy Day, 11th February Promise Day, 12th February Hug Day, 13th February Kiss Day and 14th February Valentine’s Day.

From which day does Valentine’s Week start?

Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day on February 7th.

From which day does Valentine’s Weekend?

Valentine’s Weekend with Valentine’s Day on February 14th.