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Have you ever wondered if someone has a crush on you, someone you secretly like, also likes you? Crushes can be exciting and thrilling, but it can be a bit confusing to understand whether someone really likes you or if they’re just being friendly. And the worst thing happens when someone secretly likes you but keeps it a secret. Some questions start coming to your mind about that person. Is he weird or does he really want to date you? We can’t read anyone’s mind, but we can clear these doubts with the help of some psychological signs.

Psychology says that no matter how much we try to hide our feelings, we behave differently with the people we like. And with the help of some signs, we can find out about them.

14 Clear Signs That Someone Has a Crush on You
14 Clear Signs That Someone Has a Crush on You

Top 14 Signs Someone Has a Crush on You

  • Sign Number 1: They ACT Weird around you. If someone likes you, they may feel nervous, anxious, and uncomfortable when you are around them. They may even avoid making eye contact or talking to you. Research has shown that having a crush on someone can cause anxiety.
  • Sign Number 2: They secretly stare at you. They secretly stare at you when you’re distracted or not looking at them. However, when you look back at them, they quickly look away, and I’m sure you must have felt this many times.
  • Sign Number 3: Their Body Language is a dead giveaway. When you’re around, you may feel a little shy. They may stand a little differently, touch their hair more often, blush, talk faster, or imitate you. Studies have shown that when we try to attract the attention of someone we like, we use dominant and open body language.
  • Sign Number 4: They Try to be Near You. Psychologists believe that we try to stay close to the person we love, so they may physically come closer to you or pretend to bump into you and talk to you.
  • Sign Number 5: They Find New ways to communicate. Your secret admirer will continue to find new ways to contact you and engage you in complex, meaningless conversations. They will keep trying to talk to you on the phone or on social media to spend more time with you. Studies have shown that talking about love on the phone or on social media can help build relationships.
  • Sign Number 6: They are always smiling. When someone is cherishing their feelings for you, whether they say anything to you or not, they definitely smile every time they see you. Researchers have found that affiliative smiles express emotional attachment, such as squeezing the lips when you joke, and you may even get a nervous laugh from them.
  • Sign Number 7: They pay close attention. They are the first ones to notice even small changes in you, give you compliments, and listen to you with full attention. Research shows that we pay more attention to people we like and remember even small things about them.
  • Sign Number 8: They share personal experiences. They can also tell you about their personal problems and deep secrets because they feel emotionally at home with you. Psychologists say that we share our secrets only with those people with whom we feel closeness.
  • Sign Number 9: It’s a sign that the person is not much interested in you if they are checking out other boys or girls in front of you. If they are looking at you with that look, then there are chances that they are not interested in you.
  • Sign Number 10: Sign: When you flirt with others, they don’t get jealous in front of them; they don’t care. Because she is not interested in you in that way, it doesn’t matter to her that you are flirting with someone else or checking out someone else.
  • Sign Number 11: Whenever he introduces you to someone else, he introduces you as a friend. “Why don’t I go, this is just my friend?” If he calls you just his friend, it is clear that he considers you just a friend, nothing more than that.
  • Sign Number 12: They Treat You Like One of the Guys and One of the Girls. He treats you like any other friend. There is nothing different in their behavior with you. When we start liking someone, there is a slight change in our behavior. We treat them a little differently, a little special. If this person is not treating you special, then there is a chance he is not interested in you in that way.
  • Number 13 Sign: They desperately try to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for you and try to hook you up with someone else. If they are doing this, then they are probably not interested in you romantically. They are not keeping you for themselves but are trying to set you up with someone else. Yes, they may think you are a good person and a good friend, but there’s no romantic interest.
  • Number 14 Sign: Doesn’t your crush respond positively when you compliment them? They neither say thank you nor necessarily give you a compliment. You know, when we like someone, we appreciate everything about them. We start liking everything about them, so if they are romantically interested in you, there are chances that they will also compliment you. They will not only accept your compliment but may also reciprocate because they are probably noticing something good about you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone has a crush on you?

If someone has a crush on you, it means they like you, and you may need to communicate your feelings about the situation.

What should you reply when someone has a crush on you?

If you know someone has a crush on you, you need to share your feelings with your crush partner.