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Have you developed feelings for your best friend? And now you’re unsure what to do to propose to your best friend for love? Should you tell them or keep it to yourself? And if you do tell them, how should you do it? Because you don’t want to risk losing their friendship. So read this article before propose your best friendl.

3 Tips to Propose Your Best Friend for Love
3 Tips to Propose Your Best Friend for Love

The Art of Proposing to Your Best Friend for Love

First Step: At first understand what your best friend feels for you. The first thing you need to do is observe. If your best friend is already committed, already in a relationship, or in love with someone else, then respect that love and step back. Don’t say anything. It doesn’t matter what you think about their boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you believe that person isn’t good for your best friend, you’d be better off not saying anything. Because if your best friend loves that person, and if you confess your love now, there’s a high chance they’ll be uncomfortable and might end the friendship. And since they are your best friend, it’s your duty to respect their love, their thoughts.

But if they’re not in a relationship already, the next thing you need to see is if they talk about their crushes to you. If they’re not in a relationship but you know they like someone else, if they talk about liking or having a crush on someone else, then there’s a chance they’re not interested in you because when we’re interested in someone, we don’t talk about others.

Love is exclusive. If they’re interested in someone else, their love won’t be the same for you. So it’s better not to say much in such situations. But still, there’s a chance their feelings might change. Their mind might change.

So what I would recommend is, if they’re not in a relationship with someone else and hopefully they don’t talk about someone else to you, but even if they do occasionally, what you should do next is, flirt with them a little, in a playful manner, and see their reaction. If they react with a lot of anger and shut you down completely, they’re making it clear that they don’t like such behavior. It’s ignorance or a clear sign that this person doesn’t want such a relationship with you. They haven’t seen you in that way and don’t want to.

So it’s better not to say anything if you want to maintain your friendship. But if this person responds to your flirting with flirtatious behavior, or responds with a smile, or doesn’t say much in response, especially if there’s no negative reaction, then there’s a chance this person might be interested in you. Or were they interested from the start?

In this situation, what you should do is if you have a mutual friend, ask that friend to find out what your batch friend feels. Give them some hints or ask them directly what they think about you. What do they think about your best friend? Are you interested in your best friend? Find out if your best friend is interested in you, and if they are, then everything becomes much easier.

Second Step: Now you have to express your love. You need to tell your feelings. I know it’s scary to express feelings because maybe your best friend might get annoyed. Maybe your best friend won’t want to talk to you. Maybe your friendship will break. But I think it’s worth the risk because if you don’t express your love now, you’ll live your whole life with regrets, always thinking, “I wish I had said something.” Maybe if I had said something, living with “what ifs” and “maybes” is very difficult.

So it’s better to gather courage and speak up, but even in speaking up, I’ll guide you through many steps. How to say it because the way you say it will matter, and there’s a chance the friendship won’t break.

1) So, the first thing you need to do is talk to this person. You haven’t conveyed your feelings through text, through a third person, but directly. You have to talk to your best friend face to face because when we talk face to face, the feelings are different. You know, when someone tells you something face to face, it’s harder to refuse, and that thing holds more weight.

2) The second thing you need to do is prepare yourself. You have to think beforehand about what you will say. Because the truth is, when you tell them about your feelings, you’ll be very nervous, and at that time, you don’t know what will come out of your mouth and how it will come out. So, I really need you to prepare beforehand, keep thinking beforehand.

What to say, how to say it? Start with normal conversation, just like people usually talk, so that there’s no awkwardness between you two right from the start. And you have to emphasize how much your friendship means to you. How important your friendship is to you and that you never want to lose it.

I’ll point out a few things. Some good memories, some things your friend has done for you, and then you tell them what’s in your heart. But when you tell them what’s in your heart, you shouldn’t pressure them to say something right away. Let them decide at that moment. You have to clearly tell them that there’s no hurry, they should think about it a little, and after some time, they can give you an answer. You’re not pressuring them, and no matter what, you want to maintain this friendship. Because if they don’t have any idea that you’re going to say this, they won’t be able to react properly.

Give them some time to think about you and your words. There’s a higher chance they’ll say yes, and there’s a higher chance they won’t get angry. Maybe they’ll get angry at that time, maybe they’ll get irritated, or maybe they’ll get very confused at that time, and yes, one more thing, when this conversation happens, you have to do it privately, not comfortably in front of everyone.

This conversation should happen when you both have a lot of time, when they also have a lot of time. This conversation shouldn’t happen in haste, and it should be at a point of time in their life when there are no important things going on, like exams or anything like that. That’s not happening. Nothing important is going on in their life right now, so when you’ve talked, they have time, and after that, they can think.

Third Step: Whatever their answer is, yes or no, you have to accept that answer. You shouldn’t question their answer like why like this? Why not like this? You shouldn’t pressure them. Whatever answer they give you, yes or no, you have to accept that thing. If they say yes, then it’s great. You guys can come into a relationship, but remember, even in this relationship, take it a little slow because some different stages will come, but if they say no, then don’t get angry. You have to accept their no with respect.

After that, you shouldn’t treat them differently. You shouldn’t be upset. Yes, if you’re feeling very hurt after rejection? Take a little distance for some time. Spend time with your other friends or your family so that your heart can heal a little. But remember, your batch friend cares for you too and just because your best friend doesn’t love you right now doesn’t mean there’s any flaw in you or them. It just means that at this time, you both aren’t compatible. And don’t keep pressuring them every day now.

Slowly try to convince them again. Respectfully accept whatever they say and then move forward. Both of you can talk about whether you can maintain this friendship or not, and chances are, if you do everything with respect, they’ll be willing to maintain this friendship.

These tips will help you understand the way to propose to your best friend for love. Before proposing to your best friend, practice what to say. If these tips are helpful, feel free to comment and share them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to propose to my best friend for love?

The right time to propose to your best friend is when they show interest in you or demonstrate emotional compatibility with you.

What if my best friend doesn’t accept my proposal of love?

If your best friend rejects your love proposal, then respect their reaction and continue to behave as a friend.