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Do you wish to propose to your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) on 8 February, Propose Day, also known as World Propose Day? This article offers guidance on preparation and the optimal time to propose to your partner on this global Propose Day.

Every year, February 8th is celebrated as World Propose Day. On this day, lovers share their feelings for each other. It can be the perfect day for your love proposal because proposing on this day comes with special benefits. Propose Day evokes feelings of proposals among every lover. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of accepting love proposals on this day. People tend to focus on love on this day and celebrate Propose Day on social media, connecting with each other in the realm of love.


If someone unexpectedly proposes on this day, there is a 90% chance of acceptance. Compared to other days, the percentage of love proposal acceptance is higher on this day. Therefore, the 8th of February can be the best day for your proposal. Couples are particularly immersed in the Valentine’s week, especially on this day, making efforts to propose to each other.

Best Tips to Propose to Your Partner on This World Propose Day 2024

Today, I provide you with some special tips for the best proposal on Propose Day. This will make you aware beforehand and allow you to start preparations for this matter in advance. Your goal is to propose to your partner on February 8th. I hope you have already started following all these proposal rules from today. It is the day when you will propose to your partner. However, keep these things in mind and confidently propose to your partner, as this day might be the best day for your partner to accept love. Everyone is very active about love on these special days.

How to find the right time for a proposal to your partner?

Finding the right time for a proposal to your partner is as crucial as executing it in the right way; both are equally significant for a favorable outcome. Understanding when to propose is vital for minimizing potential rejection and maximizing positive results. Today, I am here to discuss the optimal timing for proposing to your partner.

Often, you may come across someone you are attracted to, and if you directly propose to them without knowing the right time, there’s a high chance of rejection (95%). Even if they accept your proposal, the relationship may not last long. The faster the acceptance, the quicker the relationship might end. When you are in a relationship, it is essential to be mindful of the timing of your proposal. When you have feelings for someone and want to propose, you may feel excited and nervous about when or whether to propose. Avoid overthinking by not dwelling on all these questions when proposing.

Before proposing, it’s crucial to understand your partner’s feelings about the relationship. You should know what your partner feels about you before taking any further steps.

Ensure that you have a place in their likes list, not dislikes. If your preferences align with theirs, there is a good chance your proposal will be positively received. If they say no, it’s likely they will say no to the relationship as well. So, first, it’s essential to test the waters. Be a bit mysterious, so they don’t know everything about you immediately. If they know nothing about your relationship, it’s crucial to be friends first, communicate with them, congratulate them, and get to know them. After that, observe whether they show interest in love.

Next, observe if they are enthusiastic about love. If the person is not ready for love, you may notice that they are unprepared. When you talk to them emotionally and personally, you can understand whether they have any interest in love. If you realize that they are not ready for love, do not propose at that moment. However, if they are prepared for love, you can think about the relationship, just think about it for a while; don’t propose just yet.

Propose Day on 8th February
Propose Day on 8th February

Then comes the question of when to Propose?

It’s advisable not to directly approach someone and tell them you love them because when you approach someone directly and say you love them, there is a higher chance of rejection. This is because they don’t know you well. It is not appropriate to bind yourselves without knowing each other in a relationship. Therefore, it is essential to create a foundation of friendship first and get acquainted. Gradually, as you become more familiar, make yourself available to them, making it clear that you are only for them.

It is crucial to know whether your partner already has someone in their life whom they like. Focus on this and then express your feelings to them gradually. It’s very important to understand whether there is already someone in the life of the person you like, and only then should you make your feelings available to them. Make sure that you have a significant place in their life and that they feel something for you too. This should be approached indirectly, and as you express your feelings for them, their response will be very positive.

What precautions should be taken when proposing?

If you love someone and want to express your feelings to them but lack the courage to propose, why have you been contemplating expressing your feelings for so long? You may be thinking about it, but you have not been able to express your feelings to them.

Overall, you fear proposing. Perhaps you have not been able to propose for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, you anticipate what will happen if they reject you.
  • Secondly, if they reject you and tell everyone, then I will be humiliated.
  • Thirdly, fearing humiliation or a slap in the face when proposing.

Due to all these reasons, you are unable to gather the courage to propose to them.

Our subject is not just proposing but the right way to propose. However, I would also like to mention in this article that if any of the three reasons mentioned above happen to you when proposing, what you should do.

If you are asked why you want to propose to her, your answer will be because I love her. Your answer is straightforward, but it is also true that you do not fall in love with her when you see her; her appearance captivates you.

You must know the person you love well. You must be good friends with her. Before proposing, you must know if she loves you or not. So, learn about the proper ways of proposing.

It is not advisable to propose through Facebook or messages, or with the help of a friend. This method of proposing is outdated and will have no special impact. If you propose through any of these means, it will not have any effect. If you like, you can propose to her through one of these, but it will not have any special effect. Propose to her in a way that makes her think you will be a great couple, that both of you will be ready for each other, both of you will be each other’s girlfriend-boyfriend; this is a completely useless proposal.

You must propose to her in person, and you need self-confidence for that. So, when you go to propose to her, go with full self-confidence, and propose to her with an open heart without giving any unnecessary promises. If possible, go somewhere to travel with her and propose to her there, but remember not to propose to her in a public place because not everyone is comfortable in a public place. The way to propose “I love you” is to look straight into her eyes.

What is the common response from your partner after a love proposal?

After the proposal, she will express one of these four responses:

  • First, she might say, “I love you too.”
  • Second, she may tell you that she doesn’t love you.
  • Third, she could say that you are just her good friend.
  • Fourth, she might get upset with you and leave.

The real game of proposing begins after the proposal. However, if she says she loves you too, there’s no problem. But if she says, “I don’t love you, we’re just good friends,” then you shouldn’t cry like other guys in front of her. Never say you love her a lot, you can’t live without her, meaning you should not beg for her love. You were confident before proposing, and even after the proposal, you need to remain confident.

If she says this after rejecting the proposal, tell her there’s no problem. If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Say, “Okay, now, what do you want to do in your life?” Start talking about common topics in this way. Engage in a conversation with her about ordinary topics for a while.

During this time, it is not appropriate to talk about your love story. Your partner should initiate the conversation about love themselves and say something like, “You proposed to me a while ago, and I rejected you. So, you shouldn’t be upset! What’s there to be upset about? How can a smart guy like you easily forget a good girl like me?” I will be waiting for the day when you fall in love with me. In this way, she will go crazy for you because it’s not easy for a girl to easily give her heart to someone.

Now, let’s come to the third question of your proposing. If she doesn’t give you any response and leaves, don’t worry. In most cases, it happens, and this can be a singular sign of a successful love story. Because you might have been nervous when proposing to her, and she left from there. She may need some time to think about it. A few hours or a few days, she will contemplate, and then she will say yes.

The fourth reason, she might get upset with you and say, “I never thought this way about you.” Oh, it won’t happen like that. If you know her well, she’s your good friend, it won’t be like that. So, get rid of these negative thoughts from your mind right now. This will only happen with those guys who disappoint girls everywhere. So, if you know her well, propose to her. Nothing will happen, and you won’t be afraid.

These are advanced love proposal tips, especially for 8th February Propose Day. Follow all these tips at least a month before proposing to your partner on 8th February during Valentine’s week. We hope these proposal tips will help you generate some more ideas. If you find these tips helpful, share them with your fellow lovers and couples. The My Love Story platform wishes you the best for your proposal. Happy Propose Day 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Propose Day celebrated?

Propose Day is celebrated as part of Valentine’s Week to encourage expressions of love and romantic proposals among couples. It provides an opportunity for individuals to confess their feelings and take their relationships to the next level.

Can I celebrate propose day for husband?

Yes, you can celebrate Propose Day for your husband. It’s a wonderful way to create beautiful memories in your love life.

Can I celebrate propose day for wife?

Yes, you can celebrate Propose Day for your wife. It’s a wonderful way to create beautiful memories in your love life.

Is it appropriate to gift a Propose Day card to my girlfriend?

Yes, you can also gift a proposal card on this Propose Day 2024.

What are the best proposal quotes in Hindi for Propose Day 2024?

The best Propose Day Quotes 2024 in Hindi is “प्यार का वादा वही है जो दिल से निकले, जुबां से नहीं। इश्क में छुपी बातें ही होती हैं सबसे ख़ास, जो कभी किसी लफ़्ज़ में नहीं आतीं।”